Empresa Asociativa de Trabajo TURCOL (Turismo Colombiano) is committed to touristic sustainability in all its aspects, in order to: Community: promote peaceful cultural interchange between farming and native communities, through touristic programs and projects of infrastructures and social equity;


Protect the Eco site of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and its environmental aspects, using the paths and staying in authorized areas, collecting garbage, promoting a sustainable touristic equilibrium for visitors and communities;

Social and cultural:

Encourage social and cultural development of farming and native communities of Sierra Nevada, through production and farming training programs, respecting at the same time traditions, rituals, ceremonies, reunions, and explaining our customers social and political context, while underlining the beauty of landscapes and towns.


Sustain economic development, trading products and acquiring services in the regions in which we operate, signing members of the communities and participating in production processes, granting economic contributions in order to strenghten the region.


Take care of paths, landscapes and cultural expressions; protect clients and communities: health and comfort are priorities in all our programs.

All this, always obeying to legal requirements and aiming at continuous improvement in all our activities.

Turcol Santa Marta Colombia

Centro comercial San Francisco Plaza,
Local 115

Santa Marta (Magdalena)

Celular: +573106401875
telefono: (57+5) 4212256