Lost City trek Lost city trek Buritaca-200 or Lost City is one of the more of 250 ancient towns of the four groups of natives found in the northern and south-eastern sides of Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Magdalena department, northern Colombia. This site was discovered in 1976 by a team of archaeologists of Colombian Anthropology Institute, guided by Gilberto Cadavid and Luisa Fernanda Herrera, and almost completely restored.

Itinerary lost city 4 days hike

LOST CITY HIKE FIRST DAY Departure from our office of SANTA MARTA at 9:00 AM. Car trip of approximately 2:30 hours to MAMEY area, place in which we will have lunch. After an approximately 3:00 hours walk to the first stop at CABAñA DE ADAM or further on at CABAñA DE ALFREDO, it will be possible to enjoy the view of the so-called Quebrada de honduras, a wonderful natural pool. Dinner will be served at 06:30 PM. First day accomodation will be in dorms with hammocks and mosquito nets. LOST CITY HIKE SECOND DAY Breakfast at 7:00 AM, departure at 8:00 AM from CABAñAS DE ADAM or CABAñAS DE ALFREDO, approximately 4:00 hours walk to CABAñA DE TURCOL or SIERRA TOUR, places in which it will be possible to enjoy a typical regional lunch. During this trip, there will be a visit to native town MUTANYI, being it the perfect place to take pictures with natives and interact with their culture; in this same site it is possible to enjoy the view of the oustanding waters of BURITACA river. After lunch, we will have an approximately 4:30 hours walk to the second stop, known as CABAñA DE ROMUALDO, home of the respected MAMO (native priest), before crossing the calm waters of BURITACA river. The guide will provide information regarding the native culture, in order to explain its peculiarities. Dinner will be served at 06:00 PM. Second day accomodation will be in beds or hammocks with mosquito nets. LOST CITY HIKE THIRD DAY Breakfast at 6:00 AM, departure at 7:00 AM, destination: Lost City. Approximately 1:00 hour walk, then the guide will accompany you in an instructive and photographic tour of the archaeological site during approximately 03:00 hours. Return to CABAñA DE ROMUALDO, estimated arrival time 12:00 PM and lunch. Afterwards, the discent towards the second stop (CABAñA DE ADAM or CABAñA DE ALFREDO) will begin, and estimated arrival time is 04:00 PM. Dinner will be served at 06:00 PM. Third day accomodation will be in beds or hammocks with mosquito nets. LOST CITY HIKE FORTH DAY Breakfast at 6:30 AM, departure at 7:00 AM, destination: MAMEY area. Approximately 6:00 hours walk and estimated arrival time 01:00 PM. Lunch in MAMEY area, and then car trip to Santa Marta, place in which the tour will conclude at 05:00 PM. NECESSARY EQUIPMENT FOR LOST CITY HIKE:
  • Small backpack
  • Walking shoes or boots and sandals or flip flops (for crossing rivers)
  • T-shirts and shorts
  • Long sleeved shirt and long trousers for evenings in camp
  • Bathing suit
  • Towel
  • Socks
  • Insect repellent (Nopikex brand available in Colombia is excellent)
  • Personal toiletries
  • Torch or flashlight
  • Bottle for water
  • Personal medication
  • Camera
  • Drysac or ziplock bags to keep your belongings dry
  • Insurance against accidents
OPTIONAL ITEMS: A deck of playing cards or a book Sleeping bag or sleep sheet TOUR INCLUDES:
  • All meals - food will be carried by mules, and there will be an expert cook
  • All accomodations in hammocks or beds, with mosquito nets
  • Entrance ticket to the archaelogical site of the Lost City
  • Round trip transportation, with possibility to be left at the entrance of Tayrona Park.
  • Purified water, snacks and fruit during the walk
  • Contributions to the native and farming communities of the region
  • Guide service
  • Insurance against accidents
DURATION 4 DAYS, 3 NIGHTS PRICE    COP $800.000 / USD $300 NOTE: If for any reason you cannot complete the excursion once it has begun, you will not be refunded any part of the fee.
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